Sesam  Talk 

Sesam Talk is upping the game with a completely new concept, synchronisation-as-a-service!

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All  inclusive  - from A to Z

Sesam Talk is a complete managed service where everything is included. Migration, set up, user interface, operation and support. The only thing our partners need to do is to point their customers in the right direction. And the only things the customers need to do is to select which systems they want to synchronise. The rest is taken care of by Sesam Talk.

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The systems the consumers chose will now automatically synchronise their data. Any changes to the data in one of the systems will automatically be reflected in all connected systems. Sesam Talk keeps track of any change in any connected system, making sure that changes reflected in any other system who is affected by the change.


Making those systems talk -  easily 

Maximise efficiency and reduce cost. Eliminate the need for complex integration processes, ensure that data is always up to date and increase customer satisfaction. Quickly and easily share data between different systems and improve collaboration. All this without having to integrate or install – no matter the system, no matter its age or language. All you need to do is to sign up.

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Just  enjoy  the ride

Sounds too good to be true? We get it. But it’s not. Really. With Sesam Talk you get no risk, no work and even the support is handled for you. With Sesam Talk, our partners can simply just enjoy the ride.

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